Scholarship Terms and Conditions

I understand that all applications and supporting material must be submitted electronically. If awarded a scholarship I agree to provide the required information to receive my scholarship including, but not limited to proof of enrollment, grade reports, and any other required documentation to support the distribution of scholarship funds.

For federal income tax purposes, I understand these awards are nontaxable as long as (1) the recipient is a degree candidate, (2) a condition of the award is that the money must be used for “qualified tuition and related expenses” (tuition and enrollment fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses, but not room and board or incidental expenses), and (3) the recipient establishes that the money was actually used for the intended purposes. I understand I may be asked to prove I used the funds for the intended purpose, and I agree to secure any and all records from my school to verify the proper use of scholarship funds.

If I withdraw from school or fail to matriculate for any part of the academic year, I agree to have the school return any funds to HighGround Advisors and direct the funds back to the Weatherly Scholarship Earnings Account.

My signature on the application indicates that the information in this application and the attendant documents is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. If any part of this application is found to be false, I understand my application may be denied or canceled if funds have already been sent to the school.